Apeldoorn, 17 mei 2021

Wereldwijd tobben mensen met dezelfde afbouwproblemen. Niet zo verwonderlijk dat we niet aan Nederland gebonden zijn en  samenwerken met iedereen die bij wil dragen aan verbetering!

Een student uit Philadelphia, USA, vraagt om vrijwillgers voor een interview t.b.v. haar dissertatie.

Here’s a little more info about me and my research:M
My name is Naomi Zucker, and I am working on my PhD in cultural anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania. I’m writing my dissertation about psychiatric medication, with a focus on withdrawal. 
I am currently recruiting participants to interview about their experiences with medication and withdrawal. The interviews will take place over Zoom (or phone/another platform if you prefer), and usually take about 1-2 hours. In the interview, I will ask questions about your experiences taking and stopping/trying to stop medication; going through withdrawal; and seeking support, information, and care. Your privacy will be fully protected, and your name or any other identifying features will not be included in my work.
If this sounds good, and you are still interested in being interviewed, please let me know what days/times generally work for you, as well as what time zone you are in so we can find a good time to set up a call (I’m in Philadelphia, ET). If you have any questions, I am happy to discuss via email or on the phone. Please also feel free to share my contact information with anyone else you know who might be interested in participating. 


Pauline Dinkelberg, voorzitter VA

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