De Ollie Foundation in het Verenigd Koninkrijk wil veiliger voorschrijven en afbouwen van psychoactieve medicatie bevorderen; vooral in het kader van suicide-preventie.

Hieronder een bericht over 2 webinars; op 12 en 19 april. Met o.a. Beverley Thomson; de schrijfster van het boek ‘Antidepressed’.


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Please join me for two important events 12th April 6.30pm and 19th April 9.30am to discuss antidepressants, suicide and young people. Risks, evidence and what we need to know to keep our young people safe and why we need to adopt a safer prescribing approach. Please share.
Join me for two important panel discussions so we can explore how we can keep our clients, patients, loved ones safe when using any medication with a black box warning, in particular antidepressants,
All medications come with potential side effects that need to be carefully considered. It’s crucial that healthcare professionals and patients work together to identify the best treatment options and whilst ensuring the user is kept safe from any harmful effects.
We believe that it’s vital that we all have access to the medication we need, but it’s equally important that we’re honest about the potential side effects. At OLLIE, we’re on a mission to support those of us using antidepressants, especially for the first time, to understand potential side effects so we can navigate them as safely as possible.
With a clear, honest, non-sensational guidance, preferably at the point of prescribing, and a prescription-specific safe plan, we can make all the difference between a patient later struggling with overwhelming thoughts and patients reaching out for the help they need.
Our first event, tomorrow April 12th at 6:30 pm, will feature medical student Leah Brookes, author Beverley Thomson, bereaved partner Sally Murgatroyd, retired GP and bereaved mother Nim Cave, and her husband, bereaved father Doug Cave. Together, they will discuss the side effects of antidepressants (and other drugs) and how we can support our loved ones, patients, colleagues, and clients to use them and stay safe. This session is open to all, but it will be particularly relevant for university communities, students, and parents.
The second event, on April 19th from 9:30-11:00 am, will focus more on professionals such as clinicians, pharmacists, higher education, and HR professionals. The panel will be joined by counsellor KarenSampey and Debbie Rogers, CEO of Sean’s Place, a community setting that has piloted this initiative. Debbie will share how Sean’s Place has implemented Safer Prescribing and the incredible impact it has had on their service users and staff.
OLLIE’s “Safer Prescribing Initiative” is inline with the backbone of medical teaching and instruction – the NICE guidelines – and provides an easy-to-follow ABC for Safer Prescribing. Our pioneering and fully-funded* program offers a collaborative and comprehensive approach that aims to ensure individuals receive, understand and act upon critical information provided by clinicians when starting this medication.
Tickets to both webinars can be reserved at https://lnkd.in/expTT5XZ.
Please share the details of both panels with anyone in your community who might find these conversations of interest. Together, let’s support those who need it most and make sure that we all have access to the medication we need while staying safe.
OLLIE’s Safer Prescribing Initiative – A Webinar Series
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