Apeldoorn, September 25, 2023

What are the differences in lower doses in taperingstrips versus other compounded medication?

  1. Taperingstrips are scientifically proven to be effective in four studies*
  2. Medication in taperingstrips goes to very low dasages; e.g. 0,1 mg paroxetine (seroxat), 0,1 mg diazepam etc.
  3. Every batch has been tested in the farmaceutical lab (precise doses are important, in particular the last steps)
  4. Venlafaxine (Efexor) and Oxycodon maintain their extended release aspect
  5. Adjustment is possible any time (when patients experience withdrawal symptoms)
  6. Patients can choose between selfmonitoring on a paper form or with an app.

Taperingstrips are delivered worldwide.

Study no. 1

Study no. 2

Study no.3

Study no.4


safetapering@gmail.com (email address of Association Tapering Medication) welcomes both patients, family members, doctors and other caregivers with questions. Every day open and answers within 24 hours.

Questions about other methods of tapering are also welcome!

Pauline Dinkelberg, chairperson

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